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Exercise Advice

Exercise is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle whether or not you have a disorder such as FM. There are many studies that have demonstrated that stretching and gentle aerobic exercise are an important component of any FM treatment program. Most FM patients find it difficult to exercise on a regular basis because they are tired and exertion usually results in more pain initially. Indeed too much too soon will invariably aggravate both pain and fatigue. Thus a carefully graded program of exercise is critical to a successful program. Apart from keeping flexible and in-shape, exercise has many important physiological effects on the body in terms of hormone release, reducing stress and the production of endorphins. Importantly, there is now good evidence that exercise stimulates the release BDFN (brain derived neurotrophic factor), a critical factor in the regeneration of new brain cells. Thus regular exercise can increase your cognitive capacity and in particular improve your memory.           

Here are some links that will help you understand the importance of exercise and how to get started.

Exercise Advice:
Janice Hoffman overview of exercise
Janice Hoffman's Stretching Routines
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