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Dealing with Medical Insurance Problems

Rae Gleason


Having medical insurance and getting claims promptly paid do not always go hand in hand.
            If you are having problems with insurance claims, these websites provide a useful source of 

America’s Health Insurance Plans

The site includes contact information for external resources in each state and tips on how to resolve  
            insurance disputes.

 National Association of Insurance Commissioners

The NAIC maintains a list of all insurance state commissions.  Tel (816) 842-3600

 Patient Advocate Foundation    Tel (800) 532-5274

This organization offers mediation to help patients with access to care, maintenance of employment, 
            and preservation of financial stability relative to their diagnosis of life-threatening or debilitating 

 Kaiser Family Foundation  Tel (650) 854-9400

 KFF offers an extensive consumer guide to handling disputes with your employer’s or private health   
             plan. Included in the guide is a checklist for “diagnosing” your coverage, as well as information on 
             why claims are often deemed ineligible during an external review.

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