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Despite continuing negativism from some medical professionals, there is now abundant evidence that fibromyalgia symptoms can be significantly helped by an individually crafted program of medications and gentle exercise. Fibromyalgia is not a psychiatric disorder, although there is good evidence that some FM patients share have an inherited predisposition to depressive illness. Furthermore, many antidepressant medications (e.g. amitryptiline, Duloxetine) have an effect on pain pathways that are independent of their effects on depresssion; the same can be said for some anti-epileptic medications (e.g. Neurontin, Lyrica).

The following links provide details of various management strategies:

  Dr. Bennett's overview of  treatment

  Dr. Bennett's details of treatment

   Dr. Jones' list of medications used in FM

  Drs. Rao/Bennett on drugs used in FM

  On-line medication information

  Primer on opioids and addiction

  Physical and Occupational Therapy: choosing the right therapist

  Medication assistance programs

  Dr. Burckhardt's on "what is" cognitive therapy?

  Drs.Bennett/Nelson on cognitive behavioral therapy

   Dr. O'Reilly's advice on sex

  Dr. O'Reilly's advice on relaxation

  Dr. Burckhardt's thoughts on multiple sensitivity

  Dr. Bennett on Spinal Surgery for Fibromyalgia

  FDA approved drugs for Fibromyalgia

  Resources for insurance claim problems

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