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  Strength and Balance

1.   Test your balance and improving your posture
Dr. Kim Jones instructs you in performing a series of balancing movements which test the major components of successful balancing (inner ear, eyes and muscles)
. She also demonstrates how to regain optimal postural alignment. Before beginning the exercises in this video, you'll want to be in good postural alignment, whether you are seated or standing. This will help prevent injury and unnecessary muscle fatigue   

 2.  Balance and Strength exercises
Janice Hoffman,
a certified clinical exercise specialist, takes 3 FM patients through a workout is divided into: 3 sections: (1) upper-body strength, (2) core (torso) strength and (3) lower-body strength and balance work. Gentle stretching for the specific muscles used during each workout section is included. Whether you are a beginner or are more advanced, this program will be useful for you. To progress, simply increase the amount of resistance, or decrease the firmness of your balance surface

 3.   Balance Strategies and Adaptive aids
Cinda Hugos, a physiotherapist, discusses various balance aids and the best footwear for good stability, along with strategies for navigating in crowded public locations.

.  Education

Dr. Robert Bennett presents a 20 minute session on the essential features of a comprehensive management program for FM patients, including the rationale for using various medications.

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