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Yoga and Pilates

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Whether or not you have fibromyalgia or another chronic pain condition there is increasing recognition of the overall benefits of regular stretching, increassed strength and improved balance. Yoga is an age old exercise workout with a world wide following, wheras "Pilates" was developed by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century to strengthen the mind and body. Both techniques are especially useful for chronic pain patients, as they emphasize low impact routines that provide gentle stretches, progressive strengthening and balance along with increased mindfulness.

This DVD provides a complete exercise program for persons with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain conditions. As you become more familiar with these exercises, we encourage you to develop your own personalized routine by combining those features of both Yoga and Pilates that you find most helpful and within your limits.

At the finish of the routines, Drs. Kim Jones and Robert Bennett provide short talks on the scientific basis for exercising with chronic pain.

The video contains four components:

1. Warm-up
2. Pilates
3. Yoga
4. Meditation

There are 3 participants in the video, each of whom has a chronic pain condition. The exercise leader, Anna, will tell you when one of them is doing a specific modification.

  1. Lisa demonstrates the beginner/pain flare program, and follows the program while seated

  2. Michael demonstrates the intermediate program, helpful those with balance issues

  3. Anne-Marie does the advanced program.
    * If you are a beginner, do not follow Anne-Marie

In addition there are 2 brief talks:

Why bother?
Dr. Kim Jones explains why it is so important that patients with chronic pain to maintain their strength and range of motion with exercise.

Do you pandiculate?
Dr. Robert Bennett - examines the fact that all mammals stretch their muscles daily. He explains why we must consider stretching a vital part of a comprehensive program of treatment for chronic pain conditions.        


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